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Wonder Bar Gun


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General Diagnostics

Problem Solution
Bar Gun is Sticking
  1. Remove the top cover on gun where buttons are located.
  2. Loosen the two screws holding butterfly plates ensuring nothing is holding plates down.
  3. If product continues to run determine which product it is
  4. Customer
    1. Locate manifold under bar
    2. Turn off screw for product taht continues to run(Help to determine which button goes to which product)
    3. Call Tech support to repair gun
  5. Technician Only
    1. Unplug carbonator
    2. Turn off water and C02
    3. Find relief valve on carbonator and pull until all pressure is gone
    4. Push all buttons until all flow has stopped
    5. place bar rag down to ensure clean spot to work on.
    6. Remove lower plate from gun
    7. Push out the stem of the product that was sticking.
    8. Flush with water
    9. Replace stem and O-ring
    10. Reinstall parts