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VN 4000/4010XV Diagnostic


Beverage Orders
Post Mix
General Diagnostics

Signal Meaning Solution
LED ON Indicates that the changer is enabled and ready to operate. No action necessary.
LED OFF Indicates that no power has been applied to the changer or the vendor has an error. Check to ensure that power is applied.
Check that the vendor is in proper working order
1 Flash Indicates that the changer requires cleaning. Clean the acceptor
2 Flash Changer senses an error in the accept gate area. Usually an obstrution of the strobe sensor. Refer to Diagnostics - Acceptor"
3 Flash Changer senses an error in the separator. This error occurs when one of the "top of the tube" sensors remains covered for an extended period of time. Refer to "Diagnostics - Separator"
4 Flash Changer senses an error in the dispenser area This error occurs when the dispenser is not completeing full dispense cycles. A jammed or bent coin could be the cause. Refer to "Diagnostics - Dispenser"
5 Flash Changer has sensed water damage. Unit may have shut down. Unit may require extensive cleaning. Return unit for service.
Continuous Flash Remove unit and return for service. Replace the unit