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VN 2300/2500 Status LED


Beverage Orders
Post Mix
General Diagnostics

A Status Led provides assistance in diagnosing the condition of the Series 2300/2500.
The following is a description of the LED codes, their meanings, and suggested remedial actions

Signal Meaning Solution
No LED Indicates the unit is enabled and ready to accept bill. No action necessary.
LED OFF Indicates that no power has been applied to the unit. Check to ensure that power is applied.
1 Flash Indicates that something is obstructing the bill path. Remove the magazine and LED housing; inspect for foreign material
2 Flashes Indicates that the unit is not enabled. Verify Configuration.
Check the coin tube levels in the coin changer. Check the option switches in the coin changer.
Note:Many machines disable the bill acceptor if the machine door is open and the door switch is not activated or if the machine is out of product.
3 Flashes Indicates the bill path needs cleaning for optimum performance. Remove the magazine and LED housing and follow cleaning instructions to clean the bill path.
4 Flashes Indicates that something is obstructing the bill path. Remove the LED housing and look at the bill path on the housing and inside the unit for foreign material; clean as necessary.
5 Flashes Indicates that the magazine is removed (the unit will not accept without the magazine attached). Reinstall the magazine
Continuous Slow Unit is Defective Replace the unit
Continuous Fast The magazine is full of money. Remove the money from the magazine.