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Problem Solution
Switching Same Product Box
  1. Find that box that you wish to switch.
  2. Locate the grey ending
  3. Pop out the center of the grey ending.
  4. Slide the grey ending off.
  5. Take same product pull open on dotted line
  6. Pull out spout
  7. Remove Cap.
  8. Slide grey connector onto spout and push the center of the connector in.
Switching Different Carbonated Products
  1. Customer
    1. Remove Bag-in-the-Box connector.
    2. Remove cap from connector.
    3. Fill Bucket with warm, clean water.
    4. Insert Bag-in-the-Box connector into water.
    5. Push button at valve or bar gun until only water comes out.
  2. Technician Only
    1. Mix water and cleaning solution and run the bar gun or valve.
    2. Run just water through line.
    3. Run water through the line.
Switching Carbonated to Uncarbonated Products See Switching between Carbonated and Uncarbonated Products