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Install And Remove Compressor


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Install And Remove Compressor
  1. Open Vendor Door.
  2. Take out can tray.
  3. Remove the guards.
  4. Take out bolts holding compressor down.
  5. Slide out compressor(carefull not to kink any lines).
    1. Make sure compressor is unplugged.
  6. Slide in new compressor.
    1. Take the cord from the compressor and plug it into the lower lefthand of the machine.
    2. Replace the guards around the condenser.
  7. Make sure none of the lines are pinched and the fan can spin freely.
  8. Make sure the cold control is fastened by the evaporator.
    1. The cold control should be set at either 3 or 4.
  9. Reinstall the can tray.
  10. Close machine door.
  11. Wait for compressor to start.