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GDM 10


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General Diagnostics

Problem Solution
Cooler is not operating at all.
  1. Remove grill from bottom of cooler.
  2. Check for power at plug in
  3. There is no power at plug in
    1. Run extension cord and plug into outlet
    2. If the cooler start replace cord going to cooler
  4. There is power at plug in
    1. Open cooler door and lower upper panel where the cold control and light switches are
    2. Check for power
    3. Inspect for broken or burnt wire
    4. Fix, replace, reassemble
Water is dripping inside cooler
  1. Drain is clogged up by evaporator
  2. Remove hose by inside of cooler
  3. Blow air through it
  4. Check pan under evaportator
  5. If evaporator is froze up turn down cold control
  6. Clean Condensor
Freezing Product
  1. Make sure condenser is clean and free of lint
  2. Make sure the condenser fan motor is working properly
  3. Check the cold control to ensure that it is cycling properly
  4. Check that the sensing tube for the cold control is installed properly in the evaporator
  5. If problem persists replace cold control