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DN 5800


Beverage Orders
Post Mix
General Diagnostics

Problem Solution
Port Sensor error Make sure the port sensor is mounted under port assembly
If not mount new port sensor under port assembly
Check switches on top of port assembly and port motor for proper functions
Restart the vendor
Blank Display/Out of service Make sure the coin return retainer clips are not loose
If so replace with new style retainer with screw
Also make sure the doorstop is not loose or bent
Move back into position and install retaining screw to stop this from reoccuring
Check to make sure all the wires are mounted tight from the door to the board (There can be no movement by the board)
Add wire ties or clips to stop all movement
Reset vendor
Replacing Board Enter the service mode by pressing the blue button the board once
Press a second time to access test mode
Press F button (factory diagnostics) followed by star key
Press 8 to record shelf offset and record on paper
Press star button 3 times
Press 0 and record the hook swipe number that is on screen
Press the star button followed by clear button
Replace the board
Start machine
Press blue button on board
Press 8 to set shelf location followed by the star button
Set shelf location according to machine that you are working on
Press clear twice
Press blue button on board to go back into test mode
Repeat 1st steps to make sure board is set correctly
Reset machine to the number written down earlier
Reset Prices and test vend
Set Prices Press button on board to enter service mode
Press 7 on keypad followed by star button
Press 1 then enter price you would like to set for each row
After you set your price enter corresponding location and the star button.(That will set your price for a single row)
Delivery cup not working properly Is P1 connected to control board?
Press the button on the board 2 times.
Press F to get to factory diagnostics.
Press star and then press 1
Pull the top door switch out
Check the red, yellow, and green LEDs on the control board are illuminated
When moving the cup up/down and left/right, does the count on the door change accordingly
If not, check the motors by swapping the XY motor
Change failed motor
Cup dispenser hits wall by light Go into test mode(Press board button twice and then press 9 followed by star button)
Close the door
Vend any selection(Press C5 followed by the star)
Watch to see how close cup gets to light guard.(Should be a 1/8 inch clearance)
If not go into factory diagnostics
Go into hook swipe mode(Enter 0)
Enter number accordingly to go left or right
Not Cooling
  1. Run an extension cord to compressor from a different outlet.
  2. Plug extension cord into the compressor individually.
    1. If it runs it may be an electrical problem or cold control problem.
  3. If the compressor runs but the fan motor doesn't.
    1. Put test wires leading to fan to check for power.
    2. If there is power replace fan.
  4. If the compressor doesn't run at all
    1. Check for loose or broken wire at the compressor terminal box.
    2. If it still doesn't start or cool replace compressor
Replace Fan Warning Do Not Bend Freeon Lines
  1. Unscrew bolts at the bottom of the stand for the fan.
  2. Take off the fan from the stand.
  3. Find a replacement motor.
    1. Make sure that the voltage and wattage are the same.
  4. Reattach the motor to the stand.
  5. Reattach stand to the compressor.
  6. Manually spin the fan to make sure it does not hit anything(Readjust on the stand if it does)
  7. Plug in the compressor to make sure the fan motor works.
No power at outlet at power box.
  1. Remove power box.
  2. Look for bad wires.
  3. check cold control with tester.
  4. Check for bad outlet.
Plunger on delivery cup does not work properly Remove cup assembly from arm
Remove back from cup assembly
Visibly inspect the can for metal shavings, the lower switch assembly, and the plunger assembly
Coin Acceptance Issues
Problems Causes Fix
Coins Returned to Customer with No Credit Issued
  1. Coin Jam in Mech
  2. Flight Deck Dirty
  3. No power to Mech
  4. Coin Return Lever Activated
  5. Vender in Test Mode
  6. Not Available Time Set
  7. Defective Coin Mech
  1. Clear Jam and Test
  2. Clean Flight Deck
  3. Check Harness, Changer to VCU
  4. Adjust Coin Return Lever
  5. Close Service Door
  6. Disable Not Available Time
  7. Replace Mech
Will Not Payback Coins
  1. No power to Mech
  2. No Coins in Tubes
  3. Tubes Programmed Incorrectly (4 tube Mech)
  4. Defective Coin Mech
  1. Check/Replace MDB Harness
  2. Fill Coin Tubes with coins
  3. Reprogram per Manufacturer
  4. Replace Coin Mech
Dollar Bill Acceptance Issues
Problem Cause Solution
Bill validator will not run Prices / tube cash conditions Check Mech Tubes
Takes Bill in Then Rejects it Check Validator Or Replace
Stacks Bill While in Escrow Mode Max Price Not Yet Reached
Bill Error Listed in Test Mode Communication Error with Bill Validator
Bill Validator Reorted Error
Takes Bill, Gives No Credit Board, Harness, Validator Check or Repalace Validator Harness, Replace Board
Control Board (VCU)
Problem Cause Solution
No power to controller AC Box Replace AC Box
??????? Showing on Display
  1. Incorrect input to controller
  2. Low or Missing 24 volts
Out of Order or other error codes showing on display RAM Error Refer to Programming Section for specific error codes and cures
Temp out of Service No Vendable Selections