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General Diagnostics

Problem Solution
Not Cooling
  1. Run an extension cord to compressor from a different outlet.
  2. Plug extension cord into the compressor individually.
    1. If it runs it may be an electrical problem or cold control problem.
  3. If the compressor runs but the fan motor doesn't.
    1. Put test wires leading to fan to check for power.
    2. If there is power replace fan.
  4. If the compressor doesn't run at all
    1. Check for loose or broken wire at the compressor terminal box.
    2. If it still doesn't start or cool replace compressor
Replace Fan Warning Do Not Bend Freeon Lines
  1. Unscrew bolts at the bottom of the stand for the fan.
  2. Take off the fan from the stand.
  3. Find a replacement motor.
    1. Make sure that the voltage and wattage are the same.
  4. Reattach the motor to the stand.
  5. Reattach stand to the compressor.
  6. Manually spin the fan to make sure it does not hit anything(Readjust on the stand if it does)
  7. Plug in the compressor to make sure the fan motor works.