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Beverage Orders
Post Mix
General Diagnostics

Possible Problem. Possible Cause. Service Suggestion.
Returns all good coins. No power to vendor. Check power supply.
No power to changer. Check coin mechanism plugs. Check for faulty harness wiring.
Acceptor is out of adjustment or coin gat is not closed. Check coin mech.
Electronic-CREM function:
  1. No power to acceptor.
  2. Defective acceptor.
  1. Check electrical connections.
  2. Replace the acceptor.
Coin paths are dirty. Clean acceptor with approved cleaner. Dry very Thoroughly.
Money accepted, no product vended. Bad selection switch. Check selection switches replace as necessary.
Bad selection switch harness connection. Check harness connection.
Sold-out switch (of column selected) inoperative. Check switch, replace as necessary.
Vend motor runs until two or three products are vended or vend motor runs continuously. Improper cam lobe adjustment. Check cam for proper arrangement of cam lobes.
Motor position switch not making proper contact with cam lobe. Check lever for proper lever positioning and freedom of movement.
Refrigeration unit will not run at all. No power to vendor. Check power supply, also check service cord connections.
Bad temperature sensor. Check / replace.
Bad refrigeration relay. Check / replace.
Compressor will not start. Overload Protector inoperative. Check overload (apply insulated jumper across terminal, if compressor starts, replace overload).
Starting relay or capacitor inoperative. Check relay or capacitor replace.
Compressor inoperative. Disconnect power to vendor, remove all leads from compressor, check continuity from "common", "start" and "run" to compressor case. If continuity shows, replace compressor. Aslo check from "common to start" (using continuity or IHMS). If meter fails to show reading replace compressor.
Compressor starts but does not run. will not cycle. Check overload and contact, replace overload if necessary.
Starting relays stays closed. Replace relay.
Compressor motor problem. Check, replace.
Compressor runs but cabinet temperature warm. Loss of refrigerant. Replace refrigeration unit (Note: any work of this nature done without express permission from the The Vendo Company can void refrigeration unit warranty).
Condenser fan is not working. Check circuit to run motor. Replace motor. Check for obstruction of fan blade.
Blocked or dirty condenser. Check condenser vanes for obstruction, lint, or dirt. Clean, also check for proper air flow through the refrigeration area.
Evaporator fan not working. Check circuit to fan motor. Replace motor, also check for obstruction of fan blade.
Bad inner door seal. Check for moisture on seal. Adjust inner door as necessary. Replace door seal.
Evaporator frosted over. Water at base of evaporator unit. Check for proper drainage (such as plugged drain, kinks in drain tube, etc.), check door seal.
Product freezing up too cold. Temperature setting too low. Adjust temperature setting in electronic controller.
Excessive noise. Fan blade bent or hitting shroud. Straighten, relocate shroud position, or remove shroud.
Fan motor noisy. Replace if necessary.
Refrigeration base loose or bent. Tighten bolt or replace if necessary.
Both compressor and condenser fan motors will not operate. Bad refrigeration control relay. Test relay using relay test function of the electronic controller. Replace relay if necessary.
Bad wiring connection at refrigeration control relay. Check wiring connections. Make connections if necessary.